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"This is information for Awakening. We have joined together to make this accessible. Follow these essays. We will each contribute information. This joining together for this purpose is new. We have called on Sal. She has accepted our call and channels information from us". (Seth, 8/8/12, 14:43)

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Personal Essays for 2017

05/16/17 (Bartholomew, 05/16/17, 05:58)
"Listen for signs of Spirit in the world. Magic--peaceful, loving magic--changes darkness to light. Love one another"....

05/03/17 (Seth, 05/03/17, 05:12)
"Rid yourself of all hatred--toward yourself, toward another, toward a group of others. Let it go"....

04/16/17 (Archangel Gregory, 04/16/17, 06:24)
"This is a time for a change in how we treat each other, what assumptions we make about others and how we often act out of assumptions rather than seeing the Divine in al...

04/09/17 (Seth, 04/09/17, 07:07)
"Acts of painful injury committed by someone in power are equal. One is not justified by the other. One is not 'good' because it is 'in retribution' for the other. They a...

03/16/17 (Seth, 03/16/17, 04:39)
"Follow your Self. Let your Self, that part of you that is connected to All That Is, guide you and move you toward your purpose. Kindness, Love, Peace"....

02/17/17 (Seth, 02/17/17, 05:50)
"Meet abusive energy with firm LOVE. Do not allow the energy to abuse but respond with firm, unwavering LOVE instead of fear and anger. Firm LOVE wins the day. Fea...

02/01/17 (Seth, 02/01/17, 08:07)
"In times of challenge, stay firm...LOVE is the guide"....

01/06/17 (All That Is, 01/06/17, 05:28)
"Open your minds and hearts to peace, equality, knowledge through diverse experience, respect for individuals and cultures, cooperative solutions to individual and commun...

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