Book and Channeling Events

You can arrange a book or channeling event by following these simple steps.

1) Contact Us in order to discuss your event. Both public and private events are potentially available. A public event can be arranged using our Event Proposal Outline, available from us by request. A private event may or may not need to use the outline. All events will be discussed with input from Seth and Others. (FYI--Sal chooses not to text)

Contact Us

2) Reserve your event site.

3) Get the word out about your event. We can help with email or flyer information. We can list events open to the public on our website. Private events may be listed to clarify scheduling. Private events will be clearly marked as private if listed.

4) Create a quiet, pleasant environment.

5) Please provide a book sale and signing area.

6) Enjoy your event. Ensure the smooth running of your event and the well being of your attendees.

7) At the end of your event, please provide the event or per person fee (if applicable) agreed to prior to your event. If your agreement includes payment of Spiritwalker's travel expenses, please be prepared to pay this, as well, at this time.

Event Schedule

The 2018 Tucson Festival of Books
(The 4th largest book festival in the US)
on the University of Arizona campus, was a great success!
Thanks to all who stopped by our booth
See you next year!

Monthly PSYCH-K
Group Practice Sessions in Tucson
The next session is Tuesday, October 23rd from 6-8pm
Group Practice is open to those who have completed a PSYCH-K
Basic Workshop
Space is limited. Please RSVP to Sal
$15 per person for Sal's facilitation

Private Sessions

Sal ("Spiritwalker") continues to facilitate PSYCH-K
private sessions while focusing on channeling and writing. Please contact Sal to schedule PSYCH-K
private sessions. Sal's PSYCH-K
private sessions often include channeling.