"You show what is of the old way that must leave to make way for the New Way, the New Day". (Spirit, 5/21/20, 07:24)

Spiritwalker Risinger (formerly known as Sal, or Sally, Risinger) graduated Summa Cum Laude, in 1978, with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Franklin College in Indiana. She went on to get a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree from Indiana University School of Social Work in 1982.

Soon after moving to Northern California in 1984, Spiritwalker found Jane Roberts' book, Seth Speaks. She loved it, "highlighting" and writing notes in the margins connecting Seth's messages to the kind of ideas she'd thought about for years. In 1988, Spiritwalker was told by a "psychic-channeler" team that she could channel if she allowed herself. This revelation and Seth's information moved into the background as Spiritwalker became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and opened her psychotherapy private practice. Spiritwalker enjoyed her work and also yearned for something more.

Spiritwalker felt a draw to be in the Southwest. She moved to her "Southwest Spiritual" home, Tucson, Arizona, in 2002. Once in Tucson, her work moved beyond traditional psychotherapy toward expanded beliefs about change.

After a surgery in 2005, Spiritwalker discovered she had more than 36 different food allergies. As a part of her healing, Spiritwalker found The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, which directed her to PSYCH-K
, whose energetic and spiritual change processes "balance", create and transform subconscious beliefs that affect the "reality" of our lives. Spiritwalker completed the Basic and Advanced PSYCH-K
Workshops in 2007 and added PSYCH-K
to her practice. She became a Certified PSYCH-K
Instructor in 2009, teaching 16 Basic Workshops before concluding her time as an Instructor in December, 2012, to focus on channeling and writing.

was, and is, a life changer for Spiritwalker. All of Spiritwalker's food allergies are gone and so many other things have changed. Plus, her immersion into PSYCH-K
opened her channeling abilities.

Spiritwalker's channeling began in March, 2009, with messages from her Aunt Phyllis. Bartholomew began sending messages in April 2010 and "taught" Spiritwalker how to channel with ease. Seven months later, Seth began communicating with Spiritwalker. The very same Seth she'd been drawn to earlier in life! The messages she received were clear. Spiritwalker was being guided to write the New Awareness Series--a collaboration of many consciousnesses, including Seth, Bartholomew and, so far, over 30 Others. Their purpose: to help create personal transformation, a more kind, loving and respectful world, and ultimately, world consciousness change. Seth and Others have chosen Spiritwalker to be their "conduit" to the world for this purpose.

After closing her regular psychotherapy practice in 2011, Spiritwalker continues to facilitate private sessions, PSYCH-K
or channeling or both (by phone and Skype, right now). She will resume in-person private sessions and introductory presentations about PSYCH-K
and channeling, once '19' (what the consciousnesses call the "virus") social distancing measures are unnecessary.

Book 1, New Awareness From Seth and Others was published in February, 2019. Book 2, New Awareness From Seth and Others: Individuals and Communities was published in January, 2021.

The consciousnesses began calling Sal "Spiritwalker" in July, 2012 and directed her to legally change her name to Spiritwalker Risinger in October, 2021. For now, Books 1 & 2 are still authored by "Sal Risinger, MSW". The author names will be changed when "indicated" by the consciousnesses.

Spiritwalker is in the very beginning stages of her play with Book 3, which will be titled, New Awareness From Seth and Others: Love. The author of Book 3 will be Spiritwalker Risinger (and the consciousnesses, of course).

To Spiritwalker:

"You do our work in your world. We make it easy for you. Allow that.

You channel and write and publish many books. Many people read our books and you speak about them in many places. Travel.

Regard your relationship with us as a playful, and sacred, lifetime experience. It is easy and fun for you". (All That Is, 6/6/14, 06:54)

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