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Date posted (Consciousness, Date and time of original message)

08/23/22 (Bartholomew, 04/20/12, 12:50)
"There is much beauty in the world. Color, sights and sounds are created for you to enjoy. Enjoy them. You know that at your beginning. Connect to that knowing. Experienc...

07/11/22 (Spiritwalker's Mountains, 05/27/15, 09:42)
"Draw solid power from mountains and rivers and streams. The natural world feeds, supports and hydrates you. Protect the natural world as it protects you. Interact with ...

06/21/22 (Seth, 05/22/12, 10:30)
"Everything fits together and is part of All That Is". ...

06/10/22 (Abraham and Seth, 06/09/22, 08:15)
"In the midst of conflict and negativity, keep your energy light. Stay Bright and Light"....

05/31/22 (Archangel Grace, 06/12/15, 14:14)
"Choice is yours"....

05/20/22 (Spirit, 08/20/18, 06:56)
Move through your day with ease and happiness"....

05/04/22 (Seth, 08/06/12, 08:05)
"Orient your days toward beauty and love. Enjoy the beauty of everyday experiences. Be clear about this. You are actively creating the beauty in your world, not passivel...

04/13/22 (Gregory, 04/12/22, 19:30)
For Help with Physical Issues: "Your mind is the answer. Focus on the beauty of where you are. Focus on beauty. Focus on Love. Be kind to your body and focus somew...

04/04/22 (The Gift, 06/22/15, 12:23)
"The Gift is knowing that interacting forces and energies are at work to create miracles". ...

03/19/22 (Seth, 09/30/12, 08:31)
"Each life explores facets of who You are. You have a consistent personality, although it is expressed differently, as you choose, in different lives. There a...

03/11/22 (Archangel Raziel, 07/17/19, 10:21)
"You shed all mistaken, self-imposed limits on the expression of your true self". ...

02/25/22 (Bartholomew, 04/14/12, 16:03)
"Open your heart to the love in the world. Spread that love. Share that love"....

02/17/22 (Spirit, 06/16/20, 07:04)
"The Earth's choice is honored in the 'Universe'. Shiftings of balance unsettle. The Earth re-settles in a new place, her path"....

02/06/22 (Abraham and Seth, 01/13/22, 11:52)
"We are here all around you"....

01/30/22 (Seth, 08/26/13, 06:51)
"Your choices determine the path of your life. Your thoughts and beliefs determine the path of your life. Your path may be rocky and meandering or a laser line to your...

01/22/22 (Seth, 04/30/12, 08:25)
"Open your mind to wonderful new ideas. They are about the making of your world. And how you remake it in every moment. Create your world with love"....

01/16/22 (Abraham, 03/13/20, 22:05)
"Create your magical moments"....

01/08/22 (Seth, 05/22/12, 18:57)
"You are all in this together--each and every one of you"....

01/01/22 (Jane Roberts, 11/08/12, 14:45)
"Every dimension is interested in what happens in other dimensions and comes to the aid of other dimensions when needed. We have come to your aid. Your world strives for...

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Website Message Archive

Messages from Seth and Others are found throughout our website. Periodically, new messages will be added and the previous website message will be archived here. Please enjoy them again.

Date Archived (Consciousness, Date and time of original message)

7/06/14 (Seth, 9/23/12, 09:11)
"Profound respect for yourself and others heals. Heal yourself, others and your world through love, respect and forgiveness".

7/06/14 (Aunt Phyllis, 1/17/13, 09:04)
"Spread loving kindness to all in your world. Spread thoughts of safety and health to all in your world. Spread respect and compassion to all in your world. Spread love and encouragement to all in your world.

Spread love to transform fear".

6/15/16 (Archangel Raziel, 1/25/13, 15:49)
"Learn PSYCH-K in order to change your life and your world.

Your life is your creation and your responsibility. Harness your ability to create using PSYCH-K".

4/1/20 (John, 9/28/12, 04:56)
"Spiritual learning provides an expansion of thought and possibility".

4/1/20 (Abraham Lincoln, 1/21/13, 19:22)
"We are created equal.

Every one. Every one is part of on Whole. Be Firm in this".

4/1/20 (Bartholomew, 10/11/12, 09:48)
"Become aware of how much power you truly have. You shape your life and your world".

4/1/20 (Archangel Raziel, 6/8/11, 13:09)
"Life experiences and suffering that create beliefs about psychology ignores knowledge about PSYCH-K. Beliefs work to change beliefs. Spiritual knowledge has been redeemed".

4/4/20 (Aunt Phyllis, 10/20/12, 05:19)
"Respect yourself. Respect what you do in life. You are unique and how you do your life is unique. Make your life a reflection of you, consciously".

4/4/20, ("She", 9/14/12, 07:15)
"Strengthen your body as you move through the world. Play".

4/4/20, (Archangel Raziel,1/26/13,,17:44)
"Free yourself from self-imposed limitations and recognize your creative power. You create your life and your success. Create the life you want for yourself. It is up to you".