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Date posted (Consciousness, Date and time of original message)

11/12/20 (Spirit, 05/22/20, 09:30)
"Protect your mind and body from the mass feelings about '19'. Fear, anxiety and Grief disrupt energy flows"....

11/07/20 (Spirit, 05/22/20, 11:22)
"Spirit is with you always". ...

11/03/20 (Spirit, 05/21/20, 07:22)
"Light a way to Peace and Love and Equality and Respect for All"....

10/20/20 (Spirit, 05/21/20, 05:52)
"Let go of the old way. Let go of lies, easily told, to manipulate your mind. Let go of the distortions. Let go of beliefs that say that it is right for some to suffer. L...

10/09/20 (Spirit, 05/22/20, 02:45)
"Return to the old way no more. Step forward into The Brightness. Step forward into Love and Peaceful Coexistence"....

10/02/20 (Spirit, 05/21/20, 07:28)
"You are seeing correctly. Your world is changing. 'Going back to normal' is not possible, or desired"....

09/24/20 (Spirit, 05/06/20, 08:30)
"Alignment with the Earth is easy. Think Beauty. Feel Beauty. Think Love. Feel Love. Feel Joy. Feel Appreciation for your Life and All Lives"....

09/17/20 (Spirit, 05/06/20, 14:24)
"You believed you are free. You have been programmed to believe that. Align with the Earth's new vibration and be really Free"....

09/10/20 (Spirit, 05/06/20, 08:14)
"Algnment with yourself and your Self brings Peace"....

09/03/20 (Spirit, 05/09/20, 06:24)
"'19' will disappear when its service is complete. Spirit has used '19' as an integral part of World Consciousness Change"....

08/28/20 (Spirit, 06/09/20, 04:30)
"Create a world, and practice, where All Lives Matter, where that phrase means that All Lives Matter"....

08/22/20 (Spirit, 05/22/20, 09:50)
"Breeze through your days. Let Lightness and Joy lift the heaviness in your feet and body and mind. Let the sun draw your smile and shine in your eyes. It is a New Day"....

08/16/20 (Spirit, 05/21/20, 05:39)
"See what '19' uncovers. Recognize the Gift of Truth you are being given. '19' shows clearly that 'misfortune' is being used to 'shine a light' on the abuses and inequiti...

08/09/20 (Spirit, 05/06/20, 03:50)
"Your existence on Earth has changed in a fundamental way. Match the Earth's vibration--Love"....

08/03/20 (Spirit, 05/08/20, 08:39)
"Stay inside as long as possible. The energies of fear, worry, anger swirl out in the World. People are being 'forced' to choose between safety and financial concerns. T...

07/26/20 (Spirit, 05/06/20, 08:05)
"Your lives are enhanced by the Earth's vibration. Align with the Earth, and with Spirit, for an ease, heretofore, unimagined"....

07/20/20 (Spirit, 05/04/20, 21:31)
"Replace the old way of greed, slavery, death and destruction with the New Way of LOVE, BLISS, FREEDOM and BEING CONNECTED TO ALL"....

07/15/20 (Spirit, 05/08/20, 04:59)
"A place where Love touches All. That is what your Earth has chosen. That is what your World is becoming"....

07/10/20 (Spirit, 05/06/20, 13:28)
"You believe you are protecting yourselves from 'virus'. In truth, you are protecting yourself from energies, and fear and exploitation. Remember this when you are weari...

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Website Message Archive

Messages from Seth and Others are found throughout our website. Periodically, new messages will be added and the previous website message will be archived here. Please enjoy them again.

Date Archived (Consciousness, Date and time of original message)

7/06/14 (Seth, 9/23/12, 09:11)
"Profound respect for yourself and others heals. Heal yourself, others and your world through love, respect and forgiveness".

7/06/14 (Aunt Phyllis, 1/17/13, 09:04)
"Spread loving kindness to all in your world. Spread thoughts of safety and health to all in your world. Spread respect and compassion to all in your world. Spread love and encouragement to all in your world.

Spread love to transform fear".

6/15/16 (Archangel Raziel, 1/25/13, 15:49)
"Learn PSYCH-K in order to change your life and your world.

Your life is your creation and your responsibility. Harness your ability to create using PSYCH-K".

4/1/20 (John, 9/28/12, 04:56)
"Spiritual learning provides an expansion of thought and possibility".

4/1/20 (Abraham Lincoln, 1/21/13, 19:22)
"We are created equal.

Every one. Every one is part of on Whole. Be Firm in this".

4/1/20 (Bartholomew, 10/11/12, 09:48)
"Become aware of how much power you truly have. You shape your life and your world".

4/1/20 (Archangel Raziel, 6/8/11, 13:09)
"Life experiences and suffering that create beliefs about psychology ignores knowledge about PSYCH-K. Beliefs work to change beliefs. Spiritual knowledge has been redeemed".

4/4/20 (Aunt Phyllis, 10/20/12, 05:19)
"Respect yourself. Respect what you do in life. You are unique and how you do your life is unique. Make your life a reflection of you, consciously".

4/4/20, ("She", 9/14/12, 07:15)
"Strengthen your body as you move through the world. Play".

4/4/20, (Archangel Raziel,1/26/13,,17:44)
"Free yourself from self-imposed limitations and recognize your creative power. You create your life and your success. Create the life you want for yourself. It is up to you".