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Date posted (Consciousness, Date and time of original message)

06/27/20 (Spirit, 05/12/20, 02:40)
"Allow yourself to flow with the Earth, with the Earth's new vibration. Free yourself from old limitation and from the beliefs created during the old way. Create, with ...

06/20/20 (Spirit, 05/02/20, 11:17)
"It is best to protect yourself from the collective mass of feelings about '19': grief, anger, fear. These emotions reduce your vibration. Find ways to see Beauty, Love,...

06/15/20 (Spirit, 05/04/20, 20:18)
"This experience continues, and will continue, as governments struggle to see past their own political ideology, to put people first. The US is being confronted by the de...

06/12/20 (Spirit, 05/01/20, 07:17)
"Use learnings from the time of '19' to build structures that show LOVE"....

06/06/20 (Spirit, 05/01/20, 04:26)
"Mistakes, 'that cost lives', are all part of showing the world the folly of prioritizing money over the lives of people. Leaders show their true colors for all to see"....

05/28/20 (Spirit, 04/20/20, 05:27)
"What is your perfect world? Imagine it. What are the elements of it? How would you make sure that everyone has the opportunity to have a life that feeds them, that...

05/23/20 (Spirit, 04/19/20, 12:57)
"Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love..."....

05/17/20 (Spirit, 04/19/20, 11:21)
"Your experience, watching your World transform, brings you closer to the value of each being, each person, plant, four-legged being, All. What appears as tragedy is a B...

05/08/20 (Spirit, 04/17/20, 21:17)
"'19' is instructive. It shows you all the places where inequalities and beliefs about the value of people has been so skewed. Is money the only value? Race? Gender? Yout...

05/01/20 (Spirit, 04/17/20, 13:16)
"This is your opportunity to right many 'wrongs', to restore Light and Love and equality to your world. The perfect balance of Love and Light was put in Shadows years and...

04/16/20 (Spirit, 04/08/20, 20:30)
"Know that what you are experiencing is an energetic vibrational change that alters your world in profound ways"....

04/10/20 (Spirit, 04/08/20, 19:40)
"Understand what is happening here: There have been so many on the Earth, as well as the Earth, herself, who have been, and are, asking for a new way--A New Day. The re...

04/02/20 (Spirit, 04/01/20, 17:57)
"What looks like death and disaster, is actually a release of the Earth from the grip of fear and a rebirth to Love. The Earth has chosen. Those who leave have chosen. T...

03/14/20 (Seth, 03/12/20, 09:46)
"Prepare for disruption as your world changes. This challenge, as is the case in all others, is about LOVE or fear. Choose LOVE"....

03/10/20 (Seth, 03/10/20, 08:06)
"Trust LOVE. Succumb to fear, or TRUST LOVE. Your choice"....

02/19/20 (Seth, 02/17/20, 08:42)
"Do not believe the stories being told about the 'usualness' of what is going on in the US right now. Wake up. While the US has acted with mal intent on many levels in ...

11/06/19 (Abraham, 11/06/19, 09:10)
"The chaos you have experienced, as a US and a global 'citizen', resolves. Keep moving forward for Truth. Once the current distortions are uncovered, look closely at cha...

10/19/19 (Abraham, 10/19/19, 08:39)
"Chaos is driven from your world by Love"....

10/08/19 (Abraham, 10/07/19, 08:37)
"The US will lose its oversized standing in the world and become a nation like other nations. Continued activism moves the racism and other 'isms' out of the country and ...

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Messages from Seth and Others are found throughout our website. Periodically, new messages will be added and the previous website message will be archived here. Please enjoy them again.

Date Archived (Consciousness, Date and time of original message)

7/06/14 (Seth, 9/23/12, 09:11)
"Profound respect for yourself and others heals. Heal yourself, others and your world through love, respect and forgiveness".

7/06/14 (Aunt Phyllis, 1/17/13, 09:04)
"Spread loving kindness to all in your world. Spread thoughts of safety and health to all in your world. Spread respect and compassion to all in your world. Spread love and encouragement to all in your world.

Spread love to transform fear".

6/15/16 (Archangel Raziel, 1/25/13, 15:49)
"Learn PSYCH-K in order to change your life and your world.

Your life is your creation and your responsibility. Harness your ability to create using PSYCH-K".

4/1/20 (John, 9/28/12, 04:56)
"Spiritual learning provides an expansion of thought and possibility".

4/1/20 (Abraham Lincoln, 1/21/13, 19:22)
"We are created equal.

Every one. Every one is part of on Whole. Be Firm in this".

4/1/20 (Bartholomew, 10/11/12, 09:48)
"Become aware of how much power you truly have. You shape your life and your world".

4/1/20 (Archangel Raziel, 6/8/11, 13:09)
"Life experiences and suffering that create beliefs about psychology ignores knowledge about PSYCH-K. Beliefs work to change beliefs. Spiritual knowledge has been redeemed".

4/4/20 (Aunt Phyllis, 10/20/12, 05:19)
"Respect yourself. Respect what you do in life. You are unique and how you do your life is unique. Make your life a reflection of you, consciously".

4/4/20, ("She", 9/14/12, 07:15)
"Strengthen your body as you move through the world. Play".

4/4/20, (Archangel Raziel,1/26/13,,17:44)
"Free yourself from self-imposed limitations and recognize your creative power. You create your life and your success. Create the life you want for yourself. It is up to you".