Our first book, New Awareness From Seth and Others, was published on February 9, 2019!

New Awareness From Seth and Others is available for purchase. For purchase through our website, please complete the order form and pay through our PayPal system. The book, or books, you order will be shipped (or delivered) to you. If we have an on-going relationship, and delivery or pick up is possible, the shipping charge may be waived. Waiving the shipping charge requires a coupon code. Please contact us.

Orders to be shipped outside of the continental United States will be handled manually by us to ensure proper delivery. Complete the order form, and we will be in contact by email to complete your order.

You can also order New Awareness From Seth and Others on Amazon.com. Please order in the way that is best for you, directly from us or through Amazon.com. The Kindle ebook version of Book 1 was published on July 10, 2019! The ebook version can only be purchased on Amazon.com.

We invite you to write a review on Amazon. To write a review: Go to our book title on Amazon. Click where the number of reviews are listed. That will show you current reviews. At the bottom of that page, there is a button to click to write your own review. Positive reviews help our book to be seen. You can write a review on Amazon whether you bought our book from our website or from Amazon. Thank you, in advance.

If you would like to sign up to receive our email newsletter (in development) when it is available, please fill out the "Newsletter Sign-up" area. Our email newsletter will include channeled messages and other information about Sal and our books. Sal intentionally chooses not to use social media (or texting), as a way to reduce the "noise" and overstimulation that is so prevalent in our world today.

Please enjoy our website. New Personal Essays are posted on our Home page at the times chosen by Seth and Others. Personal Essays from previous years are available on the Archive page.

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