Seth and Others

"We are Seth and all the Others who have come together to increase awareness in your world and create world consciousness change. New Others are joining this purpose when they choose. All communicate through Sal, who we know as 'Spiritwalker'. Some of us speak, also, through other channels in your world.

Sal has also committed herself to the purpose of world consciousness change. She has also committed herself to showing what is possible when you change your beliefs and focus your thoughts and create the life you want". (Seth and Others, 3/3/13, 07:33)

Jane Roberts

"I have authorized Sal to speak for me". (Jane Roberts, 9/21/12, 07:34) "I am part of Seth and also speak separately". (Jane Roberts, 9/22/12, 10:30)

"The name 'Seth' is used as it was used when Jane Roberts channeled Seth 'previously'. We are a group consciousness that brings healing messages for your world". (Seth, 10/8/12, 09:05)


"Sal knows me as the Other who taught her to channel. My sound is Sal's comfort. Mary-Margaret Moore channeled me, also, in your world for a time". (Bartholomew, 10/15/12, 07:59)

Aunt Phyllis

"I am the 'Aunt Phyllis' of Sal's current lifetime. Sal and 'Aunt Phyllis' share many lifetimes with different names".
(Aunt Phyllis, 9/24/12,09:24)


"I am the consciousness that was once Sal's brother, Barry, in this lifetime. Sal and I are connected across many lifetimes and in many dimensions". (Barry, 11/8/12, 16:32)
Archangel Raziel

"I am known to Sal as Archangel Raziel. I am also known to Sal as the angel she saw as a child. I bring spiritual truth to Sal and her world". (Archangel Raziel, 9/25/12, 07:09)

"I am the consciousness of girls' athletics. I have been many athletes over 'time'". ("She", 10/22/12, 07:58)

Katharine Hepburn

"I have lived with boldness, repeatedly, in many dimensions. Sal used me as a role model in this lifetime and communicates with me still. Our connection endures through this lifetime and beyond". (Katharine Hepburn, 11/3/12,08:21)

"Sal knows me as her friend, Alma's, long time spouse who transitioned to another dimension. Alma communicates with me as well". (Carmen, 10/8/12, 08:43)



"We have joined with the Others in shared purpose and celebration. Many of you have known us through Esther Hicks and follow us as Abraham-Hicks.

Sal is channeling with us as well. We welcome this collaboration for world consciousness change". (Abraham,11/2/12,08:32)

And, many more, who will be added to this list as they choose.