"This is information for Awakening. We have joined together to make this accessible. Follow these essays. We will each contribute information. This joining together for this purpose is new. We have called on Sal. She has accepted our call and channels information from us". (Seth, 8/8/12, 14:43)

Messages from Seth and Others are found throughout our website. Enjoy this information. Use our information to improve your life and the lives of those around you. Use our information to change yourself, your community and the world. As individuals change, so does the world. Create individual and world consciousness change.

Personal Essay

Posted: 06/15/19

"Spread Love to all those who engage in efforts to Spread Love".

(Bartholomew 06/14/19 19:39)

Excerpt from Book One, New Awareness From Seth and Others:

"Incorporating this Awareness of All That Is into Your Life"

Consciously knowing that you create your life is quite a perspective shift. It redefines 'responsibility'". (Seth, 9/2/12, 09:00)

"You are responsible for everything in your life, although differently than you might think when reading this statement. Personal responsibility and collective responsibility blend together. Personal thoughts and actions blend with collective thoughts and actions. Personal agreements may be made to join in with collective experiences that highlight collective or personal beliefs that need to be changed. These experiences are often viewed quite negatively. Know that these experiences are meant to be instructive or transformative to your world or on a personal level.

Your personal thoughts and beliefs have mostly been out of your conscious awareness. Exploring these thoughts and beliefs, and changing them where necessary, allows you to direct your actions to shape your life in ways that are beneficial to you and your world". (Seth, 9/3/12, 05:19)

"Explore your thoughts and beliefs, and change them where necessary, so that you know, at a very deep level, that you deserve what you want in life. Visualize what you want and take action toward what you see. What you want blends with what everyone else in your world wants to create a tapestry of loving and vibrant life.

Remember, it is always you and your world. It is always you, as part of All That Is, and the whole of All That Is. Together, always". (Seth, 9/3/12, 07:25)

"All That Is is all that is. It is ever expanding, unlimited. We all contribute to its expansion in word and deed. The Seers throughout time, on our Earth, have repeatedly shown us this. Treat others as you would wish to be treated. The Golden Rule is golden. The Golden Rule is divine. The Golden Rule is meant for others. The Golden Rule is meant for you as well. Treat yourself and others as you wish to be treated". (Jane Roberts, 9/6/12, 07:45)

"Permission has been given for Spiritwalker to channel and write about Seth and my involvement in the books. My support is a given. All permission is given by all of us". (Jane Roberts, 12/10/12,22:29)